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2010 CAT CT-610 orange triangle light "check engine"

First post and new to the tipper truck industry in Australia so be patient.

i bought a tipper truck that was modified from a CT700 to a CT610  4 months back.


First couple of months no problems and everything was fine, then I started noticing that occasionally the orange triangle light would come on randomly throughout the day when trying to accelearte and power up. With that light a warning message saying "check engine" would also come on.


I ignored for a bit as I could still get work done. Now it happens more often, and along with it I noticed that a heap of white smoke also comes with it from the exhaust, while the truck kind of jumps and shakes a litlle at the same time.


Its weird becaause if I don't drive for a few days the problem is not there for the next time I drive, but if I am consistnetly driving over many days this is an issue.My battery compartment was dirty so the mechanic cleaned it up and once done it fixed all the error logs that showed up. But after a few days it started again.



On top of this, but very rarely, at the end of the day the truck makes a low beep beep beep noise(after I turn it off) then noise shuts off when it wants. Also if the truck is turned off completely at end of day it seems like the electrics are still working, as my fridge light and adapter light on mobile phone charge is on. 


I do not have a battery isolation switch or killswitch. Is it maybe that, or maybe something else. Everyones got a different opinion. Been told the injectors are stuffed by others because of the smoke from the exhaust. Is the check engine light just a sensor issue?


Please help me.