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Re: 277c tracks keep coming loose

Based on the VERY thin availabliity of used parts for my 247B MTL, I am guessing you are going to have to go to CAT to replace this.


My 247B has 2200 hours on it, so I have had to replace few parts.  Everything so far has come from CAT, with one exception.


I recently replaced the tracks, but prior to that I was using Larry Lugs each time I ripped off a drive lug on the track.  They work perfectly (though having replaced over 20 on one track, it was time to just buy new tracks....)


Re: 277c tracks keep coming loose

found the drive motor housing that mounts to the rear axle broke at the axle.  it looks like the bolts that hold the housing to the axle came loose and that caused the arm of the housing to  break.  SUCKS.  any ideas where i can a used housing?

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277c tracks keep coming loose

the track on the left side of my 277c mtl comes loose.  i have marked the tension rod and nut but it isnt coming loose there.  i dont know where else to look, the rest of the points seem to be fixed.  also i have noticed a hydraulic leak but havent found the source.  any idea why the tracks continue to come loose and "hop" over the lugs on the drive wheel - it happens within ten minutes of starting operations