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Re: 3116 Cat

We are having the same issue with our 3116. Starts and idles great, when hitting an hill or incline the engine will bog and die.

1050 Hours on the engine with about 600 miles. 


Looks like it sat for while without running etc.

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Re: 3116 Cat

How many miles on on it?  need to hook up boost and fuel pressure guages to the truck and monitor them.  That will give you a base line on what you have going on with it and where to start looking at.

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3116 Cat

I have a 3116 Cat engine in a 92 GMC Top Kick Toterhome. It runs great and does fine on flat ground but when you get to a hill it has no power at all....when you really mash on it to maintain speed it just bogs and puts out a little white and blue smoke...i have also noticed that even in a bind i never hear the turbo and thought that was odd...i have already replaced fuel filters..any ideas?..thx Justin