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Re: 3116 timing

It is probably just a discrepancey.  I would not worry about it, that it a very small amount and there is a tolerance that is associated with the timing dimension anyway.  When I alway set them up I set them up even lower than that, it advances the timing and seems to give a little more power. 

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3116 timing

We have a 3116 ser: 98Z19363 test spec 2T-6483 Ar: 108-8301.

Recently replaced injectors, machine runs great with no problems.

But I noticed that under the engine performance tab in SIS it says that the timing dimension must be 65.10mm, but on the engine`s information film it says that the timing dimension must be 65.02mm.

I only discovered this after the machine went out of the shop. Did CAT change the timing for some reason or is there a mistake in SIS?