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C-15 6nz temp issues

I have a 6nz with 22k on fresh inframe.  In the middle of a load about 45 days ago I started dealing with high water temps.  As we are in middle of summer I did the usual and backed out of it as I normally do.  Shortly after that I started noticing smoke from the blow by once engine was warm.  I found two problems, turbo with enough end play to compressor wheel contacted housing and bad air compressor.  Thought these would be the high temp culprits.  Nope.  The water pump is new March, just replaced the thermostats again, new 10psi cap and check for dirt restrictions in radiator.   Last load the number one injector rocker broke in two.  Assuming I had a siezed injector even though spring looked normal, replaced injector and rocker.  Better water temps.....nope.  Now even running flat ground in mid 80's temps with boost on cruise between 5-15psi I have temps going to 210-220 to fan coming on.  Here is the kicker.  this engine has factory brake saver.  I have come off mountians grossing 180,000 in 95 degree heat with fan on and never had to watch water temp ony oil temp for manual operation of retarder.  Now within 1 mile I will have water temps approaching 220. (no power situation).  Now I am thinking possible air-to-air leak, low fuel pressure from transfer my power is way off and notice slight miss under load.  Going to install a 4 row dimpled radiator with 4 gallons more than stock but this will only help symptom not solve problem.  I have talked with as many CAT folks as I can trying to solve this problem.  The jake/retarder heat is what really has me puzzeled.  Any input will be appreciated.