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Re: CAT 259D Block heater??

Well I didnt get any replys so I went ahead and tried it, turns out I was correct.  Was a 17mm allen-head socket plug, and new block heater just screwed right in.  Didn't even lose 1/4 gallon of coolant in the process.

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CAT 259D Block heater??

Howdy all,

I have a CAT 259D that did not come with a block heater.  I got one for it, but can't find any info whatsoever as to where it is supposed to go.  Any idea's?  My only guess is it is on the right side ( if facing the engine from the rear of machine), a few inches past the coolant hose.  I can see a very large allen-head plug, I'm guessing that's where it goes?  Does anyone have any insight here, or diagrams or anything?  I'd really appreciate the help, thanks!!