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Re: CAT Excavator 320L Hydraulic System Problems

ok I got it fixed. When I removed the covers on the regulators I noticed that all the bolts were loose and two were missing on the bottom one. I guess instead of the piston moving like it should the cover just moved in or out. There wasn't any leak or anything of the kind around that area. Put new bolts in and tightened everything and everything works fine. i found some guide in site آب مقطر and some of freinds help me

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Re: CAT Excavator 320L Hydraulic System Problems

I have the same problem with my two 323 D LN excavators.

First one was repaird in CAT, they replaced regulation valvs and solenoid, but same problem accured. Then they lower presure and flow on the idler pump and excavator is working without engine chokeing. Same thing i did with the other 323 excavator and he is working good.

But this is only temporarily, problem remains and excavator dosent have power like he used to. I cannot solve cause, does it have problem with hydraulics or engine. My next step will be to mesure compresion on engin cilindars. All presures on hydraulics are good and engine is running smothly.

I need help too, with this problem. 

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Re: CAT Excavator 320L Hydraulic System Problems

You have a serial#?  You need to check the powershift pressure  and negatice flow control pressures.  See where they are at, they act like a balancing point on the pump to keep the engine at rated RPM. 

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CAT Excavator 320L Hydraulic System Problems

The Hydraulic System of our CAT 320L Excavator is Overloading

the Engine when the Operator operates any of  the Levers.

The Engine Runs Smoothly on both Low idle or fast speed.

We have changed all Hydraulic Filters but the problem persists.


Please can somebody help me to find a solution to this problem?