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Re: Cat 1999 938G wheel loader blown engine

I am also unsure if this is original engine. Would a 1999 engine last that long?

- joe
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Re: Cat 1999 938G wheel loader blown engine

Thanks for the response Cookster,

Vehicle/Equipment: Wheel Loader
Make: Caterpillar
Year: 1999
Model: 938G
PIN: 4YS01035

Engine: Caterpillar
Engine Model: 3126
Serial Number: 8YL67117

- Joe
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Re: Cat 1999 938G wheel loader blown engine

Post the serial number of the machine or the engine, or both for someone to get you an exact answer.

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Cat 1999 938G wheel loader blown engine

Hello team,

I mistakenly bought a 1998 938G wheel loader from an auction from a lumber yard to do some some personal landscaping on my 17 acres. They told me it runs. It runs alright, filling it with oil to get enough power to load on truck during pickup. Upon delivery to me, the dark secret kept was it has a blown engine, 2" diameter hole on side of block. It looks like they through a rod a left it sit for a few years to rot and die. I am now stuck and dont what to do and cannot afford a new engine or rebuild. The engine is a 3126 and I found some used ones online like from for about $4k. But there are many models. Someone said its a common engine and could buy a used engine and swap the external parts such as turbo etc. so i am trying to find out what engin/block will work. Any advice from the team? I am desperately in a crisis and need help on what to do without being further robbed of money. Thanks.