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Re: Cat 245 skidsteer hydraulics

Is your machine high flow or standard flow?  Also, post your serial# if you can please.

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Cat 245 skidsteer hydraulics

I have a cat 246 skidsteer.  I bought a grapple root rake to clean up brush and when I tried to use the hydraulics it did nothing.. I tried a lot of things and got basically nowhere. I tilted the cab and checked for power going to several wires. I have power going to the auxiliary buttons on the joy stick and I have power leaving the joy stick and the buttons work. After that the wires go into a big wiring harness and it's difficult to see where the wires go. Anyways, the solinoids are not getting power. I also checked fuses and all those were good. If anyone could give any information that may help me at all I would be incredibly appreciative. I looked for a wiring harness but couldn't find one.  I truly appreciate your time and any help that you may give!