Re: D 343 gen set

I don't recognize the CAT part number. Does it have a Woodward part number? Contact me at for direct help.

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D 343 gen set

I purchased a slightly used 40 year old D343 285 kw genset which was used in a hospital. When the genset was removed the control panel wasn't removed with it, I can make a new panel.

The question I have is, The unit has a WoodWard engine governor controller model #4N 6827 can this controller made to allow engine warm up before going to required rpm for generation of power. I no longer have it hot wired with a block heater,  Taking an engine of this size and going from cold to 1800 rpm in a few seconds doesn't appeal to me.  On the top governor housing is a handle can this be used for that purpose there is no way to lock it at specific spot.