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Re: D7E door glass

There are a lot of factors that could contribute to the glass being backordered for a month.  They could have had stock on it, but there were quality issues, they were pulled from stock and that is the date the Cat is expecting the shipment from their supplier.  It could be a MAO (made as ordered) part and Cat is at the mercy of the supplier and how many pther orders they have going.  I would suggest is contacting your dealer and have them put a bit of pressure on Cat, who in turn will put a bit of pressure on their supplier to see if they can get them quicker.  The other option would be to call a local glass company and see if they can cut/custom make one for you.  Sorry I wish I had better suggestions and/or a solution for you.  I deal with these types of issues all the time, so I completely understand your frustration.

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D7E door glass

Why am i being told we cannot get a door glass until Oct. 20th?????? I have a production dozer down waiting on glass and Oct 20th is unacceptable