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Sounds good, tough engines them 3306's.

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Re: Engine Oil Pressure D7H

That is the problem we where having. Basically stripped the motor down looking for a spun bearing in the rocking gear and nothing was wrong replaced the the relief valve and it dropped the idle pressure down to 80 psi and after 10 minutes of work the pressure didn't drop but we are expecting that once the oil gets hot and thins out that the oil will flow better and the pressures will drop

Re: Engine Oil Pressure D7H

Have you checked the oil pressure with a known accurate gauge? I have found with the 3300 if the rocker gear is all new or low hour not much oil flows around it when cold started, top of my head I think around 85-90 psi max, is it 100 psi high idle?

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Engine Oil Pressure D7H

We have a Caterpillar D7H bulldozer with extremely high engine oil pressure. Has a replacement engine in it and has only done 3500 hours

Rocker gear seems to be not get enough oil, have run engine with out tapper cover on engine and there is only as slow drop of oil getting to the rocker gear
• Replaced relief valve with a brand new pressure relief value (genuine caterpillar part), (old relief valve was warped and cracked)
• Replaced engine oil pump
• there is no major shards of metal in oil filter or in the bottom of the sump
• Engine oil pressure gauges in dozer have put 3 new gauges in and all read 100 psi in idle

Once starting the engine with new oil pump and relief valve the gauges rocketed to 100 psi

We are open to any ideas or solutions to get this problem solved

David Oates