Inquiry for 3508 DITA


I am in the process of purchasing another used Caterpillar 3508 DITA, information as attached on the engine details plate. Caterpillar 3508 DITA Serial no 69Z00803 Arrangement No 1W 4213 Power 600 hp / 447.50 Kw Full load rpm 1200 Bare engine High idle rpm 1212 Fuel timing 87.20 It would be of great help to me if you could provide me with the maintenance and parts manual of the same and verify if the above is correct. Since this engine was removed from the bow thruster of a decommissioned ship, I need as much information you could provide me. I plan to remove the electronic governor and replace this with a manual one and in the process increase the HP of the engine and also make changes to the cooling system to assist the kind of boats we make. Hence the need for the parts and maintenance manuals.