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Re: Marine Cat 3116 priming issue

There are plastic check valves in the inlet and outlet of the transfer pump, a check valve in the transfer pump piston, and a pressure regulator under the return line fitting. You need to inspect all of them.
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Re: Marine Cat 3116 priming issue

Hello! Still problem stays,any sudgestions are welcome.

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Marine Cat 3116 priming issue

Hello there!


I have odd problem with one marine Cat 3116 engine,which is now in the workshop,rebuilt,but parts like governor are old.


An they were sitting more then a year now..Problem is,that i cant prime the fuel with hand pump which is on fuel filter,


i have fuel jerry can,transparent fuel line to inlet,but it doesnt take one drop of it. I have check thin small valves in fuel lines,


they are not stucked or nothing,but still,problem is there..


Can somebody give me some advice on this strange issue? 


Much obliged!