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Re: problems with a 322l trackhoe

Hello, I'm new to this site as well.  There should be a button on the control panel for fine grading, if you put it in that mode do you notice any difference?

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problems with a 322l trackhoe

hi, im new on here and have a problem with my 322l trackhoe.when trying to grade dirt,while pulling the right control back to pickup the main boom and when i apply alittle pressure on the left control to make the stick boom curl in it causes the right control to stop working and if you keep pulling the right control back it jumps up which makes it impossible to grade.i have replaced both controls and still doing it. and when you use just the right control it moves slow and easy like it supposed to be doing it only messes up when trying to pull back the left control at the same time as pulling the right control. can someone give me any ideas what it could be.