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Re: 3500B additional camshaft hall sensor installation

Dear Robin

Information can be found in our System Ops, Test & Adjust manual which can be obtain from the local dealer. You can find your dealer contact information on this website:

Your post mentions that this information is needed for a BiFuel aftermarket kit installation. Caterpillar is proud to offer our Dynamic Gas Blending retrofit kits - Cat's dual fuel solution. We currently have retrofit kits available for the 3512C 60 Hz Drilling Genset and the 3516B 50Hz Production Genset, however we will be offering 3512B 50 and 60Hz Production/Drilling Genset retrofit kits later this year. Here is a view of our first Factory Installed and Retrofit Kit offerings:


2013-01-29 16-43-49_Fw Land-Drilling3500B-additional-camshaft-hall-sensor-installation - IBM Lotus.jpg


Please contact your local dealer for more information and key advantages of the Cat Dynamic Gas Blending solution. You can also visit the Dynamic Gas Blending website at for more details.

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3500B additional camshaft hall sensor installation

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Dear all,

looking for any picture and technical drawing of the Caterpillar 3512B camshaft group.

we have to install an additional trigger magnet  and hall sensor to locate TDC for our AKC system on a BiFuel conversion.

Following some pictures of the 3500 A spec series camshaft front end and how the sensor mounting was done there (3512A).

Question is if something similar is possible on the B spec engine? Hope somebody could help. Every piece of advice would be great!