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Entrepreneurship in the oil and gas industry

I having been following valeura energy for several years and I have been fascinates by the conditions that lead to a small junior oil and gas exploration company to emerge out of downtown Calgary to venture into Libya and now Turkey to gamble and search for oil and gas discoveries. Valeura is just one of 90 such companies located in the 10 square blocks of downtown Calgary. Jim McFarland is a remarkable entrepreneur and the highly concentrated skunk works of Calgary abets and supports this kind of entrepreneurship.  I wanted to capture the Valeura story for a piece in my traditional outlet at Huffington Post Canada.  They rejected my short piece,  considering it too much of a pump for Valeura stock. In my full story at 8000 words or 30 pages I have tried to capture the excitement of the Valeura BCGA discovery. I have interviewed and have had email exchanges with Jim McFarland, co-founder and eco, Sean Guest current ceoas of Jan., Malcolm Shaw analyst, and Curtis Evert,  (co-founder of Canadian Global Exploration Forum). Each has kindly read and made corrections for my draft for accuracy. Jim wrote, ”Wow What a story.” and Malcolm said, ”A good read”  I have decided to experiment by publishing the complete story by publishing it at Kindle. It is now available there for $2.99, the lowest price they will permit offering it. If interested go to the amazon kindle store and search for ”Valeura Energy: A Case Study A Disquisition on Entrpreneurship in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry. ”