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Error on Inj fuel pump


-We have drill machine (tamrock ranger 600-2 S/N 104T6300-1)
-that use Caterpillar engine S/N:56E12012, Arrangement/N:10R8062, Model:3056E
-have on it Bosch Pump- Perkins S/N:2644P501 24V

  we just replaced the screws that hold the pump(didnt take down or unplug it from engine) we did it before and didnt get any problem but
few days ago we did it again and when all put together engine wont start

We get on Computer inside the cabine 2 errors so if anyone know what thay mean would be thankful (if it is problem in pump or in electric..

1. inj fuel pump unknown   -  1077-11
2. fuel inj pump shrt high    -  1077-3

thank You.
                        Good Luck.
                                                                                                       Matija G.