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Re: cat 3512 with ross hill controls

Had this happen before on an older system with 3512B's and Ross Hill system, couple of things you can check to verify the problem.

1. Hook up ET and check your throttle signal should be i believe at 1-3 at start up

2 If not and it is high compared to the other engines at start up you most likely have the following problem.


Inside your control panel  you will find the PWM module and what is called a barrier module behind it, most likel the Barrier has gone bad and is allowing full battery voltage  to your ECM during start up  whick will cause a very high throttle signal.

easy fix is to change both the PWM and the barrier.


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Re: cat 3512 with ross hill controls

information is a bit limited, are we talking mechanical or electronic engines???

attachments: eg hymech shutoff or speed switches?


where are you getting alarm??? ross hill or engine side?

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cat 3512 with ross hill controls

Hello to all,


Today the generator # 2 shut down due to overspeeding. When i try to start it a gain the same problem.

Please if you guys have any sugestions write it


Thank you