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Re: power requirements-POWER FACTOR

Trying to get a sense of the power factor a generator plant experiences on a drilling rig.


Land based electric drilling modules


Deep & horz. drill +/-6-7K' vert., +/- 6K' horz.


3 X 3512C 600V typical


Normal or average power factor?


Worst case power factor and for how long of a sustained time?


Normal or average load (KWe) ?


Worst case peak load (KWe) typical and for how long of a sustained time?

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Re: power requirements

See if your local dealer can get you a copy of LEBW1414-00, Petroleum Application and Installation Guide.  This is a non current guide, but is still available on Power Net.


Also LEBV0915 has some rule of thumb numbers, (page 147)


Hoisting, BHP= Weight X FPM (assume 100 if unknown) / 33,000 X 0.85 (eff)

Mud Pumps, BHP = GPM X X feet of head / 33,000 X pump eff

Rotary table  depth 0-4000 ft   BHP 75

                            4000-8000 ft             100

                           8000-12000               150

                          12000-16000             200


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Re: power requirements


I found this which may help you as well on the website.

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Re: power requirements

On the general CAT website look under INDUSTRIAL ENGINES and see what you can find.  Your local dealer can also provide you with the A & I application guide for Industrial engines which calculates the duty cycles and hp needs for your potential need.  Industrial engines are a rather cyclical product with varying load applications so I would start with your dealer and make sure you understand the rating definitions based on what your load factor will be at the operation conditions of your application.  


Hope that helps,


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Re: power requirements

In general the hp required varies greatly with the geography and type of well.  A small mobile drilling rig at a low drilling depth can run on as low as 500hp, where as a large land rig designed for unconventional plays with horizontal drilling capability can take up to 7,400hp. 


The main power consumers on a land rig will be the mud system (500-3000hp), draw works (500-3000hp), and the top drive/rotary system (250-2000hp).  The mud system runs fairly constantly while drilling, while the draw works and rotary system are more intermittent depending where the rig is in the drilling cycle.


A land rig is typically rated horsepower wise by it's draw works rating.

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power requirements

looking for any reference materials for calculating/estimating the required power requirements of drilling rigs. Hope somebody could help.