Re: 12 VM43 A Connecting rod replacement

Dear all,


We did it at remontowa yard in poland last month. We removed 48 connecting rod without any problem. The first one was done slowly, then the other.

If any of your needs more information and photo pls contact me.



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Re: 12 VM43 A Connecting rod replacement


Hello Kaneda,


It is very seldom that the connecting rod of a VM 43 C has to be removed. It is even not required in course of the piston's maintenance or the replacement of the big end bearing.

Mainly you have to follow the instructions described on the related job card of the engine manual. Depending on the current condition of the parts and also the surrounding of the engine, it might be that the stated procedure has to be modified.

That is why it is advisable to have some well-trained and qualified people doing that job.

Moreover the fasting of the big end bearing shell during an assembly can be very tricky.


Due to the mentioned reasons we would rather suggest to contact your local dealer for support and guidance.

Please check here for your nearest dealer :

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12 VM43 A Connecting rod replacement

Hi all,


Does someone has already complete an overhaul with connecting rod bringed out from the cranckase on VM43 engines? And ready to share experience.


Thks in advance.