Re: Fuel leakage and low exhaust temperature in one unit

I was waiting an answer from you but nothing... So I solved the problem. First at all I made a test on the inyector and it s Ok, after that I change the fuel injection pump but the problem was still there so I change the injection pipes and in this moment I found a little crack in one of them.

Problem solved. After that I checked the timing and in two of my three main enginse the point is 7,5 deegres before TDC and in te other engine the point is 9 deegres before TDC. Is this ok or there is a mistake on the manual? I saw as well like a relief valve in one of the injection pipes. Am I right?

Thanks a lot


Fuel leakage and low exhaust temperature in one unit

Hi there! My name is José Antonio I am working in a Pusher Tug with 3 Main Engines MaK 8 M 20. In one of them wich it has 8000 hs on service  the exhaust temperature of the unit # 2 is 120°C below the average and I can see a fuel leakage  in the "Fuel leakage collector" I think could be the "injection Valve" or maybe the "High Pressure Injection Pump" of this unit. I want to make a "Premax" test,it means take a mesurment of the compresion pressure and the combustion pressure but in the "Engineer Handbook"  and in the engine there is a warning about not doing this test. Why it is forbiden and how can I be sure about the cause of the problem?

At 7500 hs we changed the nozzles of all the "Injection Valves" and we check the openig pressure as well. Thanks a lot for your support and sorry for my pour language skills