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Re: How we can adjust fuel 9M20

Dear Ebi,


it is dangerous to adjust fuel rack settings on modern diesel engines. 

These engines have a combustion pressure around 200 bars! this means a difference in fuel settings between cylinders may make the combustion pressure between cylinders too high!

Your engine is most likely equipped with KBB turbo charger, most likely the charger and/or the nozzle ring has fouled up during the slow steaming. 

The most wise thing is not to tamper with the timing, but first open up the turbine and clean in properly. This should basically be done every 12.000 running hours, but much faster when running continuously low load.

FYI: commencement of injection can be found in the test bed record, this is in your manual.

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Re: How we can adjust fuel 9M20

dear sir:
we have problem with high exh. temp. in MAK9M20 diesel eng.
engine is made in china and since installing in tug boat this problem started but owner run it in slow rpm but after 2 year T/C and exh. valve get damaged .
we assumed late injection of fuel due to wrong timing between camshaft and crankshaft gear by one or 2or 3 teeth.
pls advise procedure of finding exact timing of injection and how to find correct commencement of fuel injection.????



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Re: How we can adjust fuel 9M20

Hello Ahmad


Could you please give us more information?

What would you like to adjust? What is the purpose of the adjustment? What tells you that an adjustment is needed?


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Best regards


How we can adjust fuel 9M20


how I can adjust fuel system of 9M20

for any cylinders

thanks a lot