Re: M43 Connecting Rod Failure

Dear Jaime

many thanks for your kind reply.

Unfortunately up to now we have not received any answer from our local dealer to our various questions on the matter!

What do you suggest to do?

Best Regards


Re: M43 Connecting Rod Failure

Thank you for your posting and your inquiry.  Caterpillar and MaK are continuously improving our products and hold safety in the highest regard.  The service letter in question is critical as it addresses a piece of rotating equipment within the engine, and thus represents the utmost priority.  As a result, we issued this Service Letter to emphasize to our global customers the importance of addressing the product issue as soon as possible.


As related to your question, Caterpillar and MaK utilize a distribution network on a global level to meet the needs and concerns of our customers.  All of our MaK distributors are aware of this Service Letter and all of our MaK Service Letter details, and in fact are in the process of assisting clients in fulfilling the letter's recommendations currently.  I would like to suggest that you contact your local distributor and ask the very questions you posted.  Our MaK dealer Service Department is ready to respond to your needs and inquiries, and will likely immediately reply with all the data needed for you to determine your next course of action related to the service letter.


Thank you again for the posting, and if you need assistance in finding your local MaK distributor, please refer to the site and search under "find my dealer" for MaK products.


M43 Connecting Rod Failure

Dear all

Time ago we had received a service letter telling us that on some vessels equipped with M43 engine faced a severe engine breakdown due to connecting rod failure. On the service letter it is suggested to replace the complete connecting rod at the first occasion. On the same letter is introduced the possibility to change only the small end eye, but further official communication will clarify better how to proceed. Our local dealer confirmed this option but no official document from HQ CAT/MAK has been released yet.

Could anyone clarify better the situation?

Thanks in advance