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Answer to Question 1 is the Main Lube Oil Pump which is an engine driven gear type pump


Answer to Question 2 are the jacket water and raw water cooling pumps Heat from the jacket water system is transferred to the raw water through the cooler and discharged overboard These pumps are engine driven centrifugal pumps


Answer to question 3 is the exhaust gas turbocharger and is a centrifugal air pump driven by a reaction type turbine


Answer to question 4 are the Cylinder Fuel Injection Pumps usually located in compartments on the control side opposite to the exhaust side of the engine. The pumps are variable delivery High Pressure Bosh Injection Pumps


Answer to question 5 are the Jacket Water and Main Oil Pump usually have an electric motor driven pump to provide protection for the engine in the event of a main pump failure or aid in preheating and prelubricating the engine before the engine is started


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Re: MAK 332 Questions

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Could you please provide us with the engine serial number or the vessel's name?

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MAK 332 Questions


I am a fresman student at Maine Maritime Academy and I am looking to get answers to the following questions regarding the MAK 332:


Question #1a) Name the pump on the MAK 322 that provides for the romoval of Bearing heat during SSDG operation and reduces operation friction.  Question #1b:  What type of pump is it? Question #1c: Name its assit pump.


Question #2a) What pump aids in the removal of heat from the MAK 332 engine? Question #2b: Also describe where the heaqt goes after it leaves the engine. Question #2c: What type of pump is it?


Question #3a) What pump on te MAK 332 aids efficiency and is driven by the engine exhaust? Question #3b: What type of pump is it? Question #3c: Name another type of enginr assist pump


Question #4a) What 6 pumps on the MAk 332 are exactly the same? Question #4b: What types of pumps are they? Question #4c: Which side of the engine are they on for a SSDG?


Question #5a) Name which 2 pumps have an additional pump with them? Question #5b: Give the purpose of the pumps.


Thank yoy very much for any help that you can provide.