MAK 8 M 32 C

Dear Admin,

We have 4 vessel equipped with 8 engine MAK 8M 32C & from first day of operation we expert a raise in exhaust temperatue regarding unit no.3 for port M.E (up to 590 C) all measurements has been taken like exchange of injector , checkng tapped clearence & change of fuel injection pump it self but the same result has been gained finally turbocharger has been maintained (Napier) & when testing also the same high temperature has been observed......the diffrence between exhaust temp. for all units & unit no.3 reach up to 80 C .....these engines also run a shaft generators at 600 constant RPM beside the CPP system onboard.

this high temperaure cause many damage to exhaust valve seats during the age of these engins (alomost 7 years).....I found in your forum many of blames regarding this engine & also 6M 25 C.....could you give us some clarification for the reasons of getting such the way the valve seats cracks happened for all cylinder heads for the 8 engines more than once in whole engine lifes & we still suffering especially where the vessels works as towing & anchor handling vessels....appreciate your precious reply.