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Re: MaK 12 M 282

Hi :


i'm looking for " cooling water passage" Part # 3.1120-6

for Mak 12 M 282 




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Re: MaK 12 M 282

Dear Sir,

We are in need of a (one )  MAK  12M282 engine in any condition and from any application. Would you have an "extra"  , or swing engine available one of these engines that you would be willing to sell ?       Thank-you, Doug Shupe


Doug Shupe

N5608 Cheyenne Dr.

Onalaska, WI.  54650



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Re: MaK 12 M 282

Hello mrprior,


we would suggest to contact your local dealer for getting support and guidance on that topic.

They have the ability to get the original documents for you.


Please check here for your nearest dealer:

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MaK 12 M 282

My company is in the process of redesigning a ship with 6 each; MaK 12 M 282.  I'm trying to get some new manuals, a parts list, a list of service packs and their contents, and a recommended spares list.  Can anyone help me with that?  Thanks.