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Re: MaK 6m 332 AK. Charge air system.

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Re: MaK 6m 332 AK. Charge air system.

Hi Kaneda,

The engine is old and is not fitted with water alarm sensor.I have done some more reserch into this and found the the plug nearest the intercooler should have a 3.1/2mm hole drilled through it.This size hole does not affect the charge air pressure or volume of air.Thanks for your in put to this problem.

                                                                                            Reguards Donald.


Re: MaK 6m 332 AK. Charge air system.

Hi Donald,


I work on MaK engines for 5 years now (12VM43). Does your drain plug is connected to water in charge air alarm sensor?

For me, i fitted one pipe & ball valve (1/4") at the engine charge manifold ends. This ball valve is every time little opened so that i can detect

water mist (little leak) in charge air before the alarm sensor (massive leak). I do not have any problem with this valve, as i don't loose charge air pressure.

Do not hesitate if you want more info or photo.





MaK 6m 332 AK. Charge air system.

Hi All,

         I am a third engineer on an ERRV in the north sea.The ship i`m on at the moment has two MaK 6m 332 main populsion units fitted.There is a bit of confusion among us as to whether the charge air drain plugs on the charge air manifold are to be kept open permanetly even when the engine is running.To me this sounds all wrong and i think it is the way the manuals have been translated.If there is anyone out there with any experience on this type of engine i would appreciate any feed back.

                                                                                                             Donald Mac.