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Re: Mak 6M32C Exh. Temp. High.

Do you know what mechanics say? The problem can be a lot of things...


You have to really take care of that, because it may represent a bigger problem that will destroy your engine.

Start checking have a mice  in your engine, find it forgodsake.


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Paul Matias.


Re: Mak 6M32C Exh. Temp. High.

I m murat demir.
Working in chemical tanker as chief engineer for the last 4 years. Mostly high exhaust temperatures are about air and exhaust system. ( dirty nozzle ring, dirty or unbalanced tc turbin blades, leaky air cooler or exhaust system, clogged air cooler)
My question is what the permissible cylinder outlet and tc inlet exhaust gas temperature limit is. And have any genuine spare part as u manometer to measure air cooler pressure differential. I ve couldnt found both information in mak instructions manuel. Btw our engine serial number is 38511.
Thank u
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Re: Mak 6M32C Exh. Temp. High.

Dear tofy701,


Could you please provide us with the serial number of your engine?

This will help us to get back to you with the right answer.

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Re: Mak 6M32C Exh. Temp. High.

dear sir

 i am 2nd eng. on tug boat i have also the same increasing in temp.

but the diff is my engine is 8 m32

but MAK didnt repply on us

the new somthing is we found after 3000 hr of operation ...........crack on exhuast valve seat of 4 cylinder head

this lead us to stop our boat soooo

the question is we must wait to see the other engine crack or what

this question for MAK COMPANY OR CAT

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Re: Mak 6M32C Exh. Temp. High.

hello daniel

did you solve the problem? We have the same situation


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Re: Mak 6M32C Exh. Temp. High.

Is your exhaust temperature steady or is it fluctuating?

In some conditions the 3 way valves on MaK`s ac systems are working too rough causing the the temperatures to go up and down from 30 to 70 degrees.

This also has great impact on your exhaust temperature.


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Re: Mak 6M32C Exh. Temp. High.

Dear kdaniel,


Thank you for your request regarding high exhaust gas temperature on your 6 M 32 C engine.

For giving you detailed assistance we would need a complete measuring protocol of the current engine condition (engine rpm/fuel rack position/turbine speed/charge air pressure before + after cooler/air temperature before + after charge air cooler/exhaust gas temp. after cylinder/exhaust gas temp. inlet + outlet turbine/air intake temp. turbine/outside temp./fuel type + temp + vicosity etc).

The engine number (or ship's name) would be also very helpful.


General remarks for high exhaust gas temperatures:

Most of the times an increase of exhaust gas temperature is the result of bad injection parts + bad turbine condition + dirty charge air cooler.

Poor engine room ventilation has also a big influence in tropical areas. Bad fuel treatment and wrong viscosity can/will destroy injection parts very fast.


Please give us more information:

Was it a slow increase over a longer period of time? Please describe in detail.

Is the ship equipped with an exhaust gas boiler?


Best regards


Best regards

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Mak 6M32C Exh. Temp. High.

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Hellow Everyone.


For our vessel main engine(6M32C), I have a question for some problem which exhaust temperaure increased too much high.

Our vessel has CPP system. In built time(sea trial), it's temp. was average 460-490 degrees. But  now it is being 520 degree.


Followings is ship's report for this problem.


1-1)        Temperature of Exhaust Gas of all cylinder of M/E has been increasing upto 520~540C on around 20th May during
ocean voyage.

1-2)        C/engineer found a defects of nozzle ring of T/C and reduced the distance etween the blades.(no spare on board)

1-3)        Vessel succeeded to decrease the exh. Temp to normal 490~500C via the above step 1-2).

1-4)        Exh. Temp has been slowly increasing again on around 6th June since replaced M/E F.O Nozzles as a general PMS.

1-5)        That’s why C/E taken same action with above step 1-2) but it’s not working anymore.

1-6)        Current M/E running condition : 590RPM/CPP Blade angle: 31% only.

1-7)        Temp of Stern Tube and Trust BRG : good(45C)

1-8)        Now ship's speed 4.0 knots only (normal is over 11.0 knots).


* Checked and cleaned  air cooler in/out, but same condition. I think may be caused by T/C nozzling or rope hanging on propeller(it can't be find due to high draft.)  


I tri to solve this problem, but no have solution.. Do anyone knows as same situation?