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2003 242 model skid steer loss of drive

I am looking at buying this little guy and he starts great, runs great, all functions work as advertised...however randomly and often it will engauge the parking brake. When this happens you have to left the roller coaster bar, put it back down and take the parking brake off again to go. I am not totally sure what this "magic sequence" is doing or what is going on in the system of electronic parts for this to reset the problem. So now we come to the troubleshooting and guessing game, I have a few theories on what may or may not be happening so steer me back on the road if I hit the ditch here.


1) arm bar switch is crapping out and sends signal to stop hydrstatic drive and engauge PB

2) seat switch is crapping out but arm bar reset clears the system

3) seat belt switch is crapping out but arm bar reset clear the system


With that I need to t/s the system so is there a bypass for each of these of a check for each of these to verify which one is causing the problem? I could just bypass all of it and wire it to make it work but I prefer to have all the safety stuff intact as the kids will probably be on it from time to time and although the safety mechnisims may not save my cars or house, it will prevent injury to them :)


So all in all am I on the right track or did I derail at step 1?