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Re: 2005 262B skid steer hour meter problems

You do not need to bring it in to have it changed.  They dont need anything special to install.  With the new meter, there will be a small decal that comes with it to put the existing hours on because the meter will start at 0.  If you are concerned about how many hours are on the machine if the meter has been illegible for awhile, then some of the "B" series machines have ECMs that can be read for hours...which you would have to bring it in for someone to read.

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2005 262B skid steer hour meter problems

I have a 2005 262B skid steer. Hour meter is flakey. Some numbers are not legible. Now it gone completely blank. I know there is an update to these meters that can better handle the voltage spikes. Do they need to be re-flashed once the meter is replaced? In other words, should it be brought to the dealer to be changed?