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Re: 259D tracks out of alignment and premature wear on metal track guides...PLEASE HELP!!

Hi Mike,


Did you get to the bottom of the issue? I have the same thing on a 259B3.



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259D tracks out of alignment and premature wear on metal track guides...PLEASE HELP!!


I have been dealing with alignment and premature wear issues on my 2015 CAT 259D. My tracks are tilted in at the top, as viewed from the rear. The top outer edge of the track is almost 1 inch off (tilted in) from the bottom outer edge of the track. I put a 4 foot level against the bottom outer edge of the track and held it level and then measured in to the top edge of track. The outer metal track guide/pins on the inside of the tracks are always riding against the front idlers and are wearing down fast. My tracks always peel out in the front, when driving on straight and level ground going FORWARD, so when you look at the machine from the front, the tracks look like they are "toed out". When I back up, they return to the normal position after about 50 feet or so. I liken the track to a sanding belt on a belt sander that runs off the front drum when not aligned properly. It only stops because the track guide pins hit the inside edge of the front idlers, where they ride metal to metal. My rear torsion bars have a big gap at the bottom and the inboard cleats on the surface of the track are wearing faster than the outside. Have been back and forth to the dealer three times in two months. They can't figure it out. Machine has 60 hours and has never even been in the dirt yet!! There was a similar post from June 2015 on here, where a guy from the Batavia NY area was having the same exact issues with his 259B3. I read the whole thing, but there were no causes listed. It seems Batavia CAT did him a solid, and fixed the problem. Anybody??? Thanks for any insight.   Here is the link to that post, which has excellent pictures that are representative of my symptoms.


Thanks in advance

Mike Wagner.