Re: 289c No crank

Cat Skid Steer Loaders are designed with a number of safety interlock features such as an arm bar switch, lap bar switch, and an operator presence switch in the seat.  If any of the interlock system items are experiencing an issue, then the machine may react as described and your 289C XPS will not start.  We recommend if you can not resolve the issue, to visit your local Cat dealer for more in depth troubleshooting assistance.


289c No crank

I just bought a 2012 289C XPS high flow machine. Picked it up in western MI then trailered it to Central NY. I went to unload it at the shop and couldn't get it to start. When I turned the key on, the glow plugs turn on, lap bar switch engaged, park brake on, and still nothing happens when you turn the key to start. No clicks or buzzing. Even when the lights are on and you turn the key you can't see the lights dim or anything. I believe I hear the fuel pump run every time the key is turned on, but nothing after that. I am going to try to investigate electrical connections and test the starter. I just don't want to beat my head against the the wall for nothing. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.