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Re: '94 Cat Crawler Loader 963 - Won't Raise the Loader arm

Is it safe to work with this? can you suggest basic safety level precautions. thanks in advance

also share some useful monitor tips while operating at hilly areas.

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'94 Cat Crawler Loader 963 - Won't Raise the Loader arm

I bought a well-used machine (14,xxx hours) that is very functional. 


I've used it several times to push over some trees and dig up stumps, etc.... I have not seen any evidence of leaking fluids or any problems with the functionality.


I put it away several weeks ago, and yesterday, I started it up, and the Loader arm and bucket tilt DO NOT WORK!


I checked the Hydraulic fluid level under the cab (fill-cap says HYD on it) and the little glass observation window didn't show any fluid. So I purchased 5 gallons of Hydraulic Fluid and put it in, and now the level is between the "Add and Full" in the window.


Same results. It will not raise or lower.


At one point, I raised the RPM's way up and tried to lift the arm up, and the loader arms and bucket lifted maybe 2 inches.


Note that the tractor will crawl forward and backwards. (I didn't do too much of this, because the bucket is down and tilted to not catch rain water.


Any suggestions? It acts to me, like it has air in the hydraulic lines... if it got too low, am I supposed to "bleed it" somehow?


Thanks for any advice/thoughts.


(While I'm asking, are there two hydralic resevoirs? There appears to be a hydraulic tank under in the front, in the middle, under the lift arms.... I wonder if there is one for the tracks, and one for the lift arms/tilt?)