Re: 988G temperature gauges

Finally got chance to install the new temp sensor on the Torque Converter of our 988H. After operator ran for a full day he reported that it seems to be operating correctly now. Stays a bit over 1.2 way up the scale on gauge. Before when it got to that point it would often go full scale.


A couple notes on the sensor the part number is 134-2252. The one removed also had the same number on it. The original one took a 1 1/4 wrench to remove but the new one used a 1 inch wrench to install so something was changed.


Another item of interest. When sensor is remove you will get a couple gallons of oil draining out so have drain pan handy and do not do when oil is hot as it's a tight place to get to and not easy to get away from the draining oil. Maybe if loader is shut down over night it will drain down so there is less spillage. I did not have that opportunity!


Re: 988G temperature gauges

Look at the little picture on the gauge. If it looks like a gear with a thermometer in the center that is the transmission temp gauge. The hydraulic temperature gauge would have a picture of a small hydraulic cylinder.


There should be a manual in a compartment on the back of the operators seat that tells this and many other important things about the loader. If it's not there you should find out who removed it as it come from factory with a cable to keep it from walking away.


We have a 988H and are having a problem with the trans. Temp going to red line I think it is a faulty sensor but have not had time to install the new sensor as of now.  I'll try to remember to replay here if I can confirm that that was the problem.

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988G temperature gauges

is the top right hand gauge in the loader for transmission temp? today it went all the way to red, then it went back to normal then back to hot again, not sure if theres an issue or jus a malfunction in the computer? and not sure if this gauge is for tranny, engine or hydraulic temp? and help would be great