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Re: CAT 257 starting issues

Roy I have a similar problem. I have a Cat 304CCR. It runs great, though once you cut it off, it , like yours sounds like the starter is in a bind. Wait a hour and it starts rite up with no problem. Go figure.

Re: CAT 257 starting issues

Sorry about the trouble you have been having with this machine.  You have already done some of the checks but I would suggest you make sure that the battery is performing as intended.  The battery condition needs to be checked under load and I am not sure if this was done.  I would be surprised if the hydraulic system is causing your issue so I would not recommend separating the pumps from the engine yet.  I would spend time looking for a loose connection or a bad or intermittent ground connection.  Your local Caterpillar dealer is there to help you if you give them a call.


CAT 257 starting issues

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Sorry for the long post but ive been fighting this for about aweek so Im combing everything Ive found in one thread.


Heres the deal, went to pick my cat 257 up from our property to take to a friends. Got to the property and it started right up but the oil level light was lit up and beeping. It has been parked on a slope for a week so I figured the oil had settled towards the back of the engine. Pull it up on level ground, check the oil and its full. Load it on the trailer (light still beepeing) take it 5mi down the road. Once there I start it and unload it off the trailer. The oil level light is still on and beeping. I back it off the trailer, and cut it off. Check the oil and hydro fluid both full. Turn off the anti theft key then back on thinking it will break the connection between the battery and ground and it would reset the light and beeping. Wrong, now it wont start. It acted like the battery was dead so I took it across the street to Advance and had them test it only to tell me its 100% good. Went back put the battery in and tried to restart and same thing. This time I pull the starter out and go have it tested. It tested ok, engages, spins etc. So at this point Im at a loss of what else it could be. The engine acts like its in a bind. It will turn over barely 2-3 rotations then starts clicking. Its the 4cyl non turbo Perkins 3034 147-1233 and it has 802 hrs last service 729 hrs.  No knocking smoking etc.


Pulled the valve cover off and plenty of oil up top on the cam, rockers etc. Put the cover back on, removed the injectors and fuel lines to see if if would spin over any easier with no cylinder pressure. Still the same thing, 2-4 rotations then click click click. 


Had a Mechanic from Cowin look at it and he tells me the engine though barely spinning over spins over to easily to be a bearing and the oil seems to be fine. He noticed while spinning it over the hydraulic fan on the radiator was trying to spin while trying to turn over the engine so he suggested a pump/valve issue and try to pull the pump back from the engine and see if it will spin over freely then.

Now heres the problem. The machine is sitting in the middle of a yard/field so access to tools is kind of a limited. Ive already tried to remove the two bolts to lift the cab and the left side bolt will not budge without an impact. Moving it to my shop would be no problem if it rolled but once on the roll back there would be no way to get it off.

Is there and axle like the takeuchi's you can remove so the track will spin freely?

Has anyone experienced anyhting like this before or have any suggestions. Id call a cat service truck out but right now im not in the budget to drop a $1000 on nothing.


Any help is greatly appreciated