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CAT Skid Steer 279D DTC 41-4

     I am currently deployed downrange as an Air Force mechanic and we have a skid steer in shop that has stumped us. It came in with a few codes for temp and pressure and after changing a couple of sensors those went away but DTC 41-4, "8 volt DC: low system voltage",  has yet to be resolved. What sets it is when the vehicle is idling I can raise the bucket and start going forward then the hydraulics lock up and that code is active.The research says to check the speed sensor/TPS, wiring, and the computer. The wiring is fine and we replaced the sensor and the computer. Before we repalced the computer it would idle for 10-15 seconds and then shutdown. Now It will run fine. I can even increase the throttle and it stays running. However, the moment I go to use the bucket or move forward or reverse the hydraulics lock up and the code activates. Also, while the code is active if I use the manual hydraulic release above my head in the cab to lower the bucket back to the ground, the code disappears when the buckets is all the down. We are out of ideas. If someone can provide any insight it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.