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Cat 287B No power to starter relay from ecm

I have a 287B serial no. ZSA04161. We have had a starting problem at random times, but now the machine will not start at all. The fuel pump is running, but the starter will not engage. When the ignition is turned to the start position, I do not get power to my 306-gn wire. But if I jump power to that wire, it fires right up. I have tested what I believe are ecm inputs at the component ECM pigtail, and there voltages are: pin62-12.2v, pin42-7.42v, pin47-7.11v, pin58-1.08v, pin60-1.08v. I have a loaner ECM plugged into the machine, and does not make a difference. Any advise on why I am not getting any power to the start relay?