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Cat 416 B relay issue

Lots of time on this wire volt drop issue I am chasing. The issue is in relay where I get .78 V drop from the direct from battery side 12.6 V to the switched side that needs to make relay trip and send voltage on big white wire to solenoid. The trip wire only produces 11.82 or varies based on FWD switch engaged.

Green small wire from ignition switch routes to trans neutral safety switch, then to FWD engage. These connections are inaccessible due to seized bolts on cab deck plates.

Q is, a .78 V drop correlates to a 76 ohm resistance on te working safety circuit. Would that be why my relay works on battery bench tests, but not in circuit?

I will makev jumper wires next from harness to relay, adding a 12 V branch to boost that voltage and see if it corrects my gremlin problem.

Batteries fresh and strong. Just wasted dollars on starter freshening. We never get voltage to solenoid. Ground points and cables nice.