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Cat D4H LGP Transmission not engaging/overheating

1987 Cat D4H LGP w/ power shift transmission

Crawler runs great. As the transmission warms up, at about 210F, it tops wanting to go into gear. Very frustrating as you can sit there (for what seems like hours) fiddling with controls until it engages. In frustration, you will leave the machine to cool off and come back later. Recently just moved it down to another field and the tranny temperature did go up to about 240F suggesting if I kept going it would keep getting hotter.


Looking at oil level when cold, it shows full. When I looked at it hot, it showed low. Ended up dumping 5 gallons of Cat tranny fluid before it showed full when hot, but now shows way over filled on the cold side. Also changed the oil filter. Neither changing the filter or adding fluid has made any difference. Water temperature remains cool (~180).


Any ideas or suggestions?