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Re: Cold weather th83

sorry to hear about that hit of 3k.

ive also encountered this issue with my 99th 83 in the past, that heat gun trick works.

recently saw a chef cooking sous vide. he was talking about the same issue youre having,

that cooking show was hilarious. 


yours dani from

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Cold weather th83

Hi to all. Thanks for help on previous posts. I had a power issue with my 2000th83 that ended up being the start assist solenoid. Spent 3k on pumps and parts that in the end was a 57$ part. Ouch! Anyways, I now have an issue with my other 99 th 83. It was cold this morning -20celcius, and the tilt forks would not work. All other controls did work. I put a heat gun on near the relay packs beneath the joystick, as well near the fuse panel. Since this has helped previously, I was hoping it would do the magic again. Not so much. Now the frame tilt, and the stabilizers don't work. It used to be an open cab and I've noticed that the fuse panel was quite corroded . I also have an issue with the controls not working when the e brake is on. Needless to say I'm quite frustrated! I've ordered new relays under the joystick box, in case I've cooked them, but I'm not sure that will even work because all the other boom functions work when all the relays are removed from the relay box. Any th83 experts out there that could help me out would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again