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Re: D2 dozer

i had a issue with its clutch

 to figure out what went wrong with my dozer. have never had trouble with the clutch before but now it doesn't move. Nothing in the drivetrain works and clutch linkage locks overcenter. I took off the inspection plate but don't see anything that is obviously broken. I would like to know what I'm up against before I start to pull out the motor. 
Also would be nice to find some serial numbers . I know about the tag and stamp on the frame however there's a winch on it so if there's one somewhere else I would like to find it.
Looking at pictures of others on the internet I'm guessing around 1948. good runner and I do have some work I want to do with it. thanks for any help.

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D2 dozer

Can someone give me some advise. I purchased an old d2 and works great for an hour or two. The machine then loses power where it can barely move. When it does work it works great. I know it is losing hydraulic fluid but I make sure there is plenty. Any ideas why I’m losing moving power?