Re: Drive problem on a th62 telehandler

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Hi Sheepfarmer - I contacted our telehandler team and they recommended taking a look at the fuel filter or it may be the fuel ration control assembly (depending on engine type). We also suggest reaching out to your local Cat Dealer for troubleshooting support.

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Drive problem on a th62 telehandler

I have a 1992 th62 telehandler which drives well when it starts. It has power through the gears. When it has been running at work for an hour or so it looses power of drive, and gears have to be dropped to 1st then changed up on the go. 


Once cooled led off it runs as it should.

 All fluids are fine, someone. Told me it was a torque converter problem. Others say. Clutch pack .... Someone must know. 

ThAnks in advance