Re: EMCP II and Cat Data Link question

Hey Mike. Thanks for the reply.

The Monico has it's own power source. It doesn't power down when the ECS switch is in the off position even with the jumper removed. My problem is when the ECS is switched to off (with the 6 to 9 jumper removed), the lights on the comm port on the Monico go dark. I can put the ECS back in auto, but the Monico doesn't start communicating again, until I cycle the DC power for it. It's like the lights go out and it locks up.

With the jumper put back on terminals 6 and 9, I can switch the ECS to off, and the genset data link will stop, but the Monico comm port does a slower flash like it's looking for it. When the ECS is turned back to auto, the Monico resumes it's normal operation, indicated by the faster flashing of the comm lights. I would expect it to do that during any scenario. 

That jumper is the only solution I've been able to come up with to keep the Monico's comm from dropping out. 

It doesn't make sense to me. There seems to be something with the Cat data link that makes the Monico do this only when the control panel is powered down. Like I said before, I can unplug the cable from the Monico port and disconnect the Cat data link that way, and the Monico doesn't do that. The comm port flashes slowly until you plug it back in, then it resumes communication.




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Re: EMCP II and Cat Data Link question

Sounds like you found the issue. The jumper between 6 and 9 was removed for standby applications mainly because it supplied power to circuits supported when the set was in AUTO.


There are a ton of ways to wire up those panels depending on what you're doing. If you check with Monico they had recommended to use a battery positive source not controlled thru the ECS switch with it's own fuse, not sure what the current recommendation is.


From a safety standpoint, now the ECS OFF/RESET position doesn't power down the control, so if you need to lock out the unit for service or do a power cycle you'll need to cycle the battery switch. On many standbys the battery switch was eliminated ( a rather stupid cost saving idea in my opinion) so if you don't have a battery disconnect switch installed on your unit, you may want to consider installing one if you want to leave the jumper in between 6 and 9.


Hope that helps, Mike L.


EMCP II and Cat Data Link question

I have a genset that was commissioned in 2000. It's the EMCPII+ controller and the 3512B engine. It was connected to my PLC through the Caterpillar CCM. I was having a lot of problems with the CCM, so I replaced it with a Monico gateway device. I was also upgrading the system to ethernet, and the older CCM was not capable to do what I wanted to do. 

The Monico is mainly used for monitoring the genset, as my CCM also controlled the genset. After a few tweaks, the Monico can now start/stop the genset as well. All being said, that leads me to my issue and questions.

I found that when the selector switch on the genset control panel is switched from auto to stop, the Monico would have a communication failure. When the switch was placed back in auto, the Monico would not reestablish. I would have to power it down and back up to regain the communication again. If I unplug the cable between the Monico and the generator, the Monico would not stop communicating, but would poll and look for the genset as you would expect, and when the cable is plugged back in, it would reestablish the comm. That lead me to believe the issue was on the generator end. 

I found that when the switch was moved to the off position, the entire controller would power down. The jumper between terminals 6 and 9 on the back of the selector switch had been removed, therefore causing the controller to power down. When I reinstalled the jumper, and switch from auto to off, the controller does not shut down, and the Monico maintains communication to the genset. The generator manual suggests the jumper be removed if the generator is used as prime power, so when the switch is in the off position, it reduces battery drain. My genset is used for standby power, and is always connected to a battery charger, so I'm not concerned about battery drain.

Do you think reinstalling this jumper is a fix, or does it sound like there is another underlying issue here?

Thanks for any feedback.