Re: Fuel Primer Pump

The electric pump should be mounted inside the rear engine compartment on the left side, when machine is switched on it should run for about a minute then go off, cycle the key off & back on to restart it. You will hear it running & if any doubt about it working just disconnect the fuel line going to the engine & see if any fuel is pumping. I almost guarantee you that it is working properly or it wouldn't run but a few seconds.
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Fuel Primer Pump

I changed the Fuel Filter on my 2012 - 242D Skid Steer machine and the primer pump did not refill the fuel filter housing as indicated in the manual. I checked the fuses and all is well. I started the machine and ran it for some time but still no primer pump activation. I operated the machine for about 2 hours and still no re-fill. What do I need to troubleshoot to recify this issue?