Hour meter on Cat 416D (#197-8832) was working, but now blank... Help?

My 416D Backhoe has about 2400 hours on it but a few weeks ago, the digital hour meter went blank.  It is a model 197-8832.  I wiggled the wires thinking it might be due to oxidation on the spade connectors, but it is still blank. 


Question 1:  Any way to test these?

Question 2:  Can Cat retrieve the hours from the meter and program a new one to start at the same hours?

Question 3:  In order to check power to the terminals, can anyone tell me what the three wires should be?  (I read somewhere that pin #1 was 12V+, pin #2 was to ground, and pin #3 was also 12V when the machine is running...  Can any of you experts verify this?


I know you are all busy, so if you manage a reply, thank you in advance.!!!!