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Re: Mining equipment communication module

Hi Curilo. I know the question was done a long time ago, but I just registered on this forum and I can tell you that CAT used to have a Customer Comm Module. CAT call it EAM (Electronic Access Module). If you still need it, let me know and I can help you on how to find it.


I remeber to find some information about it for AD45B (CXM) and R1700G (SBR). Basically it was a RPU (remote processor unit) sending information via leaky feeder. I never worked with this modules before, but seems to be simple: it translates the information from CDL to Scada, in example, so we can read real time data.


Mining equipment communication module

Is there a Customer Communication Module on underground mining equipement like R1700G Underground Mining Loader, R1600, AD45B etc. If not, is there a way to obtain equal or similar funtionality?