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<p>Cork is the oak that grows on the Mediterranean and qinling areas <a href=''>Environmentally Healthy Outdoor Flooring</a> , and the cork is the bark of the oak tree. The cork floor is the floor made of this material.</p>
<p>Advantages: flexible and anti-skid <a href=''>free composite deck plans</a> ; Good thermal insulation and comfortable feet; Sound insulation, can absorb life noise, create a quiet living environment; Color contrast personality. Disadvantages: high price and immature market.</p>
<p>Selection method: to see whether the surface is smooth or not; Check the bending strength of the plate and align the two corners of the floor to see if there is a crack in the curved surface <a href=''>wood plastic composite bench sale in uk uae</a> .</p>
<p>Maintenance method: to avoid sand grain into the room, if there is sand, should be eliminated in time; Repair after wear and tear <a href=''>24 ft pool deck how to do it</a> .</p>