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Saltwater exposure

I am trying to establish a fair resale value for two pieces of heavy equipment. Any insight you can give me would be appreciated! The first piece of equipment is a CAT 349EL with 4,798 hours, purchased for $274,000. Includes Cab with AC and heat, along with Counterweight removal system. Was used on beach for less than 200 hours pushing sand along surf zone!


Second piece of equipment is a CAT D7R XRC (2009) with 6,455 hrs. Purchased for $192,000 and used in sand along surf zone for less than 200 hours.


Our primary question is, would there be a significant additional loss in value (other than regular wear and tear and hours) due to the saltwater exposure. Note the equipment was steam cleaned every day after use. Any insight you can give us would be appreciated!


Thanks for your assistance in advance!