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Re: TH360B Crab Steering

It could be a few different things. The steering postion sensors may need to be adjusted. There is a procedure how to adjust them properly in the service manual. The rear steering cylinder could be leaking internally or externally. The steering metering pump could have an internal or external leak. If none of these items are your problem, you may need to hook up CAT ET. I didn't completely research it, but the steering system might have a calibration sequence that may need to be completed. I'm not sure if this machine has that capability through CAT ET, but it may. That would be something your local CAT dealer would have to do unless you have CAT ET. Also, there may be a different electrical issue, like the steering selector relays not functioning properly, but it doesn't sound like it. Last but not least, a different hydraulic system issue. In that case, it would be time to break out the gages and start taking pressures. Start with the simplest and work your way down the list....GOOD LUCK.

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TH360B Crab Steering

       Rear steering on this lift will drift or slowly turn while traveling . PS doesn't matter if the dash switch is enguaged for rear steering / crabbing it will do it either way. I have cleaned the rear solenoind valve assy that bolts to the steering sector. The problem went away for 1/2 hour then came right back. Purchased new solenoind valve assy for rear steering and still have same problem. Need further direction thanks S/E . 

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